Our offering

Strategy Facilitation

Strategic conversations, which shape the future direction of your organisation, and its ability to manage risk and seize opportunity, deserve expert facilitation.

Mindofafox specialises in facilitating such strategic conversations, at board and executive levels. We will work with your team to guide a conversation around a structured methodology to enable a fruitful discussion with clear outcomes.

Our unique approach to incorporating scenario planning and strategy will ensure your strategic outlook is not only robust, but agile and adaptable.


We typically facilitate strategy sessions over 1 or 2 days, both physically and virtually.

You will also have the option to set up regular monitoring and evaluation sessions with our experts to ensure your strategy is on track.


- Clear understanding of your current context, and future scope.

- View to the underpinning key uncertainties that will likely shape your organisation's future.

- Set of scenarios to frame your organisation's possible futures and structure anticipatory strategic options.

- List of actionable decisions for strategic implementation.

- Definition of your organisation's meaning of winning.

- Written report highlighting the key outcomes from the strategy session for future reference and monitoring and evaluation.

Our offering

Training and Development

The complexity and uncertainty of our modern world means organisations can no longer rely on a top-down approach to agility and adaptability. To be truly agile, every member of your organisation needs to be skilled in anticipating change, and actioning adaptable decision-making. Scenario planning is a critical tool for developing this capability.

Mindofafox will work the members of your team, from junior to senior managers, to prepare them with the necessary skills to thrive in our rapidly changing 21st-century world.

Levels of Development

We understand that not everyone requires highly attuned scenario planning skills. Some will require familiarity with the concept, others will need to be able to engage with scenario thinking in their teams, while some will need to lead those teams in nuanced scenario planning and strategic thinking exercises.

Therefore, we have three levels to our training and development programme. Each level can either be done separately, depending on the proficiency of those involved, or can be done as levels of progression, taking those involved from novices to masters.


- Introductory Level: Awareness of the key principles of good futures thinking, and knowledge of how to incorporate these principles to become a more dynamic thinker.

- Intermediate Level: Understanding of the role and function of scenario planning within a strategic framework.

- Advanced Level: Competence and confidence to lead large teams in scenario planning, as well as the ability to review and monitor the internal and external environment in relation to the relevant scenarios, and feed that into high-level strategic decision-making within the business.

Here’s how it works...
Level 1: Introductory

A high-level look at how to make more effective decisions in times of uncertainty through developing a more agile and adaptable mindset.

Level 2: Intermediate

Robust look at how to develop an agile strategy using scenarios, and then to monitor ongoing changes in your business environment.

Starts with an overview of the principles underpinning scenario construction and strategy development, and then moves onto practically applying those principles to a specific function, department, and/or unit question.

Level 3: Advanced

In-depth engagement with the theory and philosophical underpinnings of futures thinking, combined with multiple and varied practical application of scenario planning within a strategic framework.

Participants deep-dive into various strategic questions pertinent to the business and detail the defining elements around those questions with the view to formulating rich sets of scenarios.

Emphasis is then placed on how to incorporate the use of scenarios as an ongoing strategic function, and monitor and review their pertinence as the business environment evolves.

Our offering

Thought Leadership

Our world-leading experts are steeped in theoretical and practical knowledge of scenarios and strategy. If timing or financial limitations mean you do not want to engage in training and development, you can engage with foxy thinking over a talk or webinar with your team from one of our specialists.

We will outline the power of scenario thinking, and map out unfolding trends that will likely shape the future environment of your organisation.


We offer 1 and 2 hour talks and webinars. These are highly interactive and engaging.


- The power and value of scenario planning

- How strategic thinking should be dynamic

- Business and geopolitical trends and flags shaping your world

The Mindofafox team provided exceptional insights and value to our employees in their recent talk. We now call our ExCo, the FoxCo, to try and embody the agility and adaptability of foxy thinking!

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