As experienced global speakers, we address audiences on our unique method of strategic thinking which we have applied and evolved over the last 16 years, whilst also presenting the latest scenarios on the global economy. In addition, the implications for specific industries and sectors of society are explored.

Our presentations continually evolve as we adapt our latest thinking on the scenarios, flags and probabilities to the changing realities of the external world. Our extensive experience working with executive teams worldwide, and across multiple sectors, allows us to draw on strategic insights developed across many fields such as mining and resources, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, accounting, legal and other professional services, asset management and investment, retail, transportation, industrial and manufacturing activities, and water and food security.

We touch on the new normals shaping our world, the flags to be monitored and the very real scenarios playing out, and each presentation can be tailored to the client’s sector. We also talk on the shifting trends in leadership, and on flagwatching – how to identify the flags that are changing your game.

For availability, more information on the different talks, bookings and costs, contact either Chantell or Clem directly.