Specialists in Scenarios and Strategy

Mindofafox is a team of highly-experienced specialists in the use of scenarios in strategy. We have worked with businesses, organisations, governments and supranational bodies around the world, across almost every sector, for more than 30 years. 

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What we do

Strategy Facilitation

We facilitate high-level strategy sessions with boards and executive teams to help them set direction for the future. Our methodologies guide a strategic conversation to expose key risks and highlight opportunities, with a view to developing an agile and adaptable strategy fit for our rapidly changing 21st-century world.

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What we do

Training & Development

A dynamic strategy is only as good as the dynamism of the team involved. Our training and development programmes, which cut right through from junior to senior managers, will enable more agile and adaptable thinking, utilising the power of scenarios to improve the foxiness of your business.

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What we do

Thought Leadership

Our world-leading experts are available for talks and workshops to explore the power of scenario planning, the key elements to successful strategic thinking, and emerging trends that will likely shape your future.

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Our Experience

Our portfolio of work covers more than 16 different industries.

We've partnered with businesses big and small, as well as governments and supranational bodies.

Our footprint has reached every corner of the globe, working across more than 22 countries all around the world.

Our brilliant team have collectively published more than 21 books on strategy, scenario planning and futures-thinking.

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