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Who we are

Specialists in scenarios, with extensive experience across diverse sectors.

The Mind of a Fox

​The analogy stretches back to the ancient Greek poet, Archilochus, who said:


"The fox knows many things, the hedgehog one big thing".

Oxford philosopher, Isaiah Berlin, used this distinction to articulate two types of thinkers: 


Foxes incorporate diverse sources of information and constantly update their assumptions in the face of new evidence.


Hedgehogs relate everything to one big idea.


In a rapidly changing, uncertain world, organisations need to think with the Mindofafox.

Our Team

Our team includes experienced and dynamic minds with deep, extensive skills in the art of scenario planning, strategy formulation, and strategic communication. Click on the button to meet them.


What we do

Our services extend across the strategy pipeline, from scenario construction and development, through the articulation of strategic direction, to strategic communications.


We facilitate strategic conversations with boards, executive teams and management, to help articulate your strategic direction, and test that strategy against possible future scenarios.


Develop your organisation's ability to deal with uncertainty.

Our robust training programmes develop agility, adaptability and anticipation from mid- to senior-level managers and leaders. The programmes range in size, and will be made bespoke to your organisation. They revolve around innovative training techniques, from theoretical groundings to engaging simulated scenarios.


We provide scenario consulting work from small to large projects, where medium and long-term futures need to be explored to inform key decision-making in today's context.


Hear our experts discuss a variety of concepts, from the essentials of scenario planning, to the use of scenarios in strategy, to how strategic communication is defining our world.

They've addressed audiences as far afield as Australia, China, Ireland, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, Ukraine, the UK, US and throughout Africa.

Online Programmes

We’ve built 30 years’ experience in strategic thinking into a dynamic interactive online learning experience. 


Our online programme incorporates robust methodologies, beautiful design and innovative technology to build effective decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

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Who we have worked with 

A selection of some of our clients.

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We're also Growing Foxes

The Growing Foxes Si⑥ online programme, delivered through an innovative web-based platform, develops your strategic thinking capacity and ability to deal with uncertainty through the use of scenarios


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Contact us

London - Cape Town

Email: mitch[at]mindofafox.com

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