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Each week we release byte-sized strategic insights from our partners. Listen to the various episodes below, and follow us on LinkedIn to hear each one as it is published.


The Pivot

If nothing else, 2020 surfaced our general inability to deal with uncertainty. How many businesses scoped out a strategic plan in January 2020, only to throw it out by March, two months later?Decision-making then became reactionary. Big, important decisions were made on the fly, and if anyone asked, a step in a new direction was couched as a ‘pivot’.


Glass half full, or half empty?

Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Do you see the glass half-full or half-empty? Questions we hear all the time. But how helpful are they?


Being a ‘glass-half-full’ kind of person implicitly means you tend to focus on the positive aspects of a situation. But such narrowing of your focus is dangerous. It opens you up to missing important contextual factors that may have a bearing on what happens next.


When have you 'emerged' as a leader?

Every year Mindofafox works with the next generation of African leaders. We facilitate the Emerging Leaders Programme at the African Union in Addis Ababa.


One year, a brilliant young leader from Angola asked a question that really struck me.


This is the Emerging Leaders Programme, but when will we, as leaders, have ‘emerged’?