Online Scenario Planning Programme

World-leading scenario strategists, guiding you.

On our Mindofafox Si⑥ programme, you will have two of the legends of scenario planning guiding your strategic thinking development. Clem Sunter and Chantell Ilbury have over 30 years' experience working at the forefront of scenario planning, have published more than 20 books, and facilitated strategic conversations in more than 25 different countries, across almost every sector you can imagine.

Watch the video below to hear them describe what it means to think with the mind of a fox, why it matters, and what you can expect in the Mindofafox Si⑥ programme.

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Relevant. Engaging. Dynamic.

A key component of the Mindofafox offering is our web-based platform.


We’ve taken 30 years’ experience in strategic thinking online using beautiful design, innovative technology, sound methodologies, engaging original content, and relevant, real-world subject matter, to build a dynamic learning experience.

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Robust. Tried and tested worldwide.

We've facilitated strategic conversations at the board, executive and management level of some of the biggest and most dynamic businesses around the world.

Over the last 20 years we have refined a robust methodology we use to help these companies build scenarios, and set strategic direction for their future. This methodology forms the module structure of the programme, and, combined, make up the essential elements of thinking with the mind of a fox.

The programme consists of 10 lessons, across 5 pillars.

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Be Foxy.

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