Growing Foxes


Growing Foxes is the education and training arm of mindofafox. Its focus: developing the art of strategic thinking from classroom to boardroom.

A unique education and training approach designed around strategic thinking development and capacity building – in essence, thinking the future – it is an initiative born from a chapter of the same name in Chantell’s book, ‘A Fox’s Tale’.

It started in 2017 as a supplementary strategic-thinking programme in leading schools in the UK and South Africa, and developed into a web-based, interactive live-learning platform divided into two SI (Strategic Intelligence) programmes – SI5 and SI6.

SI5 and SI6

SI5 guides high school students through the five pillars of the mindofafox methodology via the combination of presentations by famous fox presenters Miss Alice Otis and Bob Bojangles, lessons, podcasts, live learning feeds from specialists, opportunities for deeper investigation, peer-reviewed exercises, facilitator-moderated discussions, and self-reflection.

SI5 is currently being used by, amongst others, Clifton School, Parklands College, Steyn City School, and Springfield Convent School.

SI6 is aimed at future business leaders. It is presented by Chantell and Clem, who go deeper into the methodology and provide insights from over 20 years experience guiding leading companies through their strategic conversations. It also includes content aimed more at business school students.

SI6 has been adopted by, amongst others, the JSE, the Manpower Group, and Business Engage.

If it all sounds rather mind-boggling, don’t be surprised. Like a fox, it’s bright, agile, and difficult to pin down.

If you want to know more, check out the Growing Foxes website.