about us

mindofafox is a uniquely-skilled team leading the new wave of strategic intelligence.

We connect dots and imagine possible futures, improving your understanding of the environment in which you operate. Using this intelligence, we facilitate the development and evolution of your strategy, building your organisation’s strategic thinking capacity and agility in the process.

Our propriety methodology for strategic thinking in a changing world is wide-eyed, anticipatory and adaptive – geared to identifying threats and opportunities. By incorporating strategy, risk and intelligence, with the innovative use of scenarios and flagwatching, we are actively thinking the future.

Gone are the days of fearing uncertainty; at mindofafox, we embrace it.

Be a part of our philosophy, learn to think with the mindofafox.

In the meantime, have a look at our latest initiative – Growing Foxes: Developing the art of strategic thinking from classroom to boardroom.

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