Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk, 16 October 2019

Airports are probably not your favourite place to be, but in this edition of her regular spot as an analyst for 567 Cape Talk host Kieno Kammies, Chantell provides a strategist's perspective of airports.

It includes an explanation of why one of South Africa's smallest towns has an international airport.

Ironically, Chantell was stuck in an airport when Kieno called her.

To listen, click on the Soundcloud link below.

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk, 8 October 2019

On Wednesday 8 October, Chantell was on her regular spot as a trends analyst for Kieno Kammies on 567 Cape Talk. On this occasion, Chantell provided arguments for the controversial proposed changes to the South African education system that would see learners able to leave school with a certificate at the end of Grade 7 (about 14 years-old).

Chantell points out the strategic decision-making already needed of learners at that age, highlights some uncomfortable truths about the current education system, and clarifies the big 'ifs' needed to be in place for the new proposals to work.

She also explains how

Mitch’s interview with 567 Cape Talk, 2 October 2019

With the Brexit deadline now mere weeks away and Britain's PM Boris Johnson sounding increasingly frustrated, Mitch stepped in to present the regular mindofafox feature on 567 Cape Talk. Mitch is especially well-versed in the topic at hand.

With regular host Kieno Kammies away, EWN journalist Melanie Rice fired away with the questions.

Mitch explains the difference between a strategist and a tactician, highlights what possible futures could play out for Boris Johnson, and suggests what impact they could have on South Africa.

Click on the link below to listen.

Breaking Futures: Are global financial markets still in touch with reality?

At the end of May this year, I wrote an article painting three scenarios for the global economy over the next five years.

The first was "Gilded Cage" in which the rich old millions in America, Europe and Japan continued to construct barriers to block the poor young billions in the developing world from migrating to their countries. While this was completely against the spirit of globalisation which entails the free movement of people and goods between nations, the world economy would go on growing, albeit at a much slower rate than last century.

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk 5 June 2019

On Wednesday 5 June, Chantell was on her regular spot as a trends analyst for Kieno Kammies, the weekday breakfast show host on 567 Cape Talk.

On this occasion, she introduced the concept of the Ethical Compass that she uses in guiding the strategic decision-making of executive teams. Applying guidelines of morality and legality in decision-making exposes some of the grey areas in decision-making, e.g. decisions that may be legal, but are immoral, or moral but illegal.

Can you think of examples?

You can find it as a

Breaking Futures: The day of reckoning may be fast approaching

For the last five years, I have been asking people to watch the flags that could turn the world's political and economic game upside down in the near term. They are now combining with one another in a way that could produce a day of reckoning sooner than I, and many other experienced futurists, ever thought possible. So let's go through the flags one by one.

The religious flag

The first flag is the religious flag which started going up the pole in the late 1980s because of intensifying competition between the major religions of the world. It produced 9/11, a

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk 27 March 2019

On Wednesday 27th March, Chantell was on her regular spot as a trends analyst for Kieno Kammies, the weekday breakfast show host on 567 Cape Talk. On this occasion, she was speaking from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she heads an ongoing programme with the AU to develop strategic thinking among emerging leaders.

Chantell talked about the mindofafox 'Africa Rising' scenario, and what events in the past week pointed towards its progressive unfolding.