Chantell on how businesses should deal with lockdown

In the regular Mindofafox feature on Cape Talk (broadcast 6 May 2020, Chantell talks about about those sectors hardest hit by the lockdown; suggests how school pupils can be protected from the ongoing trauma of disruption to the school year; how healthcare is going to be disrupted post-lockdown; and what businesses should be doing right now.

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Mitch on the opportunities lockdown presents for education.

With South Africa's school year now in disarray, it may seem strange to suggest lockdown is an opportunity for the education department. And yet, that's exactly what Mitch says in the regular Mindofafox slot on 567 Cape Talk broadcast on 1 May. Mitch also talks a bit more about Mindofafox's education and training arm, Growing Foxes, and how it rethinks what preparing young people for a world of work is all about.

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mindofafox · Mitch on the

What life will be like as we lift Covid-19 lockdown – four scenarios

At the beginning of March this year, I wrote an article painting three coronavirus scenarios for the world at large over the foreseeable future: “Much Ado About Nothing”, “The Camel’s Straw” and “Spain Again”.

At the time, the number of global infections caused by the virus was 100 000 and deaths 3 000. Today the respective figures are 2 400 000 and 165 000.

So, looking towards the remainder of this year and into the next one, which scenario is likely to play out in reality? In answering this question, I will add one

The coronavirus scenarios and the need to create a shared destiny

Maybe this virus will help us realise we all live on the same planet, and to avoid COVID-19 having the last word we need to create a shared destiny, writes Clem Sunter

In a book published in 2015 entitled Flagwatching,  I wrote about how important it was to identify the flags changing the world as we know it.

One of the flags was the increasing likelihood of a global pandemic due to higher rates of international travel and the growing concentration of people in megacities.

Likewise, the transmission of viruses across different species was a major concern as was

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk, 06 November 2019

The Springboks winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup has galvanised South African political and economic commentators to call for momentum and to translate the #StrongerTogether mantra into a broader national perspective.

In this edition of her regular spot as an analyst for 567 Cape Talk host Kieno Kammies, Chantell suggests an even broader perspective. It's probably not a populist's view, but it makes strategic sense.

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