Mitch on the opportunities lockdown presents for education.

With South Africa's school year now in disarray, it may seem strange to suggest lockdown is an opportunity for the education department. And yet, that's exactly what Mitch says in the regular Mindofafox slot on 567 Cape Talk broadcast on 1 May. Mitch also talks a bit more about Mindofafox's education and training arm, Growing Foxes, and how it rethinks what preparing young people for a world of work is all about.

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mindofafox · Mitch on the

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk, 8 October 2019

On Wednesday 8 October, Chantell was on her regular spot as a trends analyst for Kieno Kammies on 567 Cape Talk. On this occasion, Chantell provided arguments for the controversial proposed changes to the South African education system that would see learners able to leave school with a certificate at the end of Grade 7 (about 14 years-old).

Chantell points out the strategic decision-making already needed of learners at that age, highlights some uncomfortable truths about the current education system, and clarifies the big 'ifs' needed to be in place for the new proposals to work.

She also explains how

Chantell’s interview with 567 Cape Talk 3 July 2019

On Wednesday 3rd July, Chantell was on her regular spot as a trends analyst for Kieno Kammies, the weekday breakfast show host on 567 Cape Talk. On this occasion, she spoke about education in South Africa and whether it is lacking the levels of innovation needed to address the radically changing world of work.

She also touched on the flags mindofafox are watching in this regard.

You can hear it as a podcast on the Cape Talk website here.

A tale of two centuries

Imagine you were asked in 1919 what the narrative might be for the rest of the 20th century in terms of major developments. You might well have said that cars and planes were going to revolutionise transport and change where and how we lived.  You could have anticipated the radio transforming the way we got our news and were entertained. 

Pushing the envelope, you might have added that pictures would accompany sound one day and captured the idea of television. Unless you had extraordinary powers of foresight, you would not have played a scenario of the rise of computers, the internet and cell phones in the

Fox Bytes 21 – the mad-about-sport issue

Not for sale!

Britain has a football problem. The Football Association (FA) - which oversees British football - has 91 000 affiliated clubs in 1 100 leagues. Most are ‘grassroots clubs’ in small towns and cities. Because of funding cuts to local authorities, pitches and facilities are becoming neglected. Last year, more than 147,000 grassroots matches were postponed because the pitches were unplayable. So in April this year, the FA announced it was selling Wembley Stadium - the ‘home’ of British football - to raise funds to invest in grassroots clubs.  It was as if the Queen were selling the