Growing Foxes is an education revolution, currently taking hold in leading schools in the UK and South Africa.

The world of work has changed dramatically, and will continue to change, the question is are schools preparing our students with the necessary ability to adapt and thrive? Standard models of education focus on the teaching of subjects, and the summary testing on those subjects, all of which are rooted in current thinking. But what about the future?

Growing Foxes is an education programme designed around strategic thinking development and capacity building; in essence, thinking the future.

We believe the secret to thinking the future is this: live learning. Whichever way you say it, that’s the very essence of Growing Foxes.

Yes, the course is brand new, but it’s been over two decades in the making. Its design draws on the insight and input of experienced specialists and young theorists in intelligence, strategic thinking, scenarios, media, and philosophy. Importantly, they all share a common passion: creating the next generation of foxes.

What makes Growing Foxes so revolutionary is its agility:

  • it is fluid, continually adapting to changes in the environment through the combination of readings, exercises, ongoing facilitator support, and regular app updates;
  • it is collaborative – shaped by the ongoing input from specialists, educators and young people;
  • it is integrative, allowing educators (as facilitators) to incorporate the programme into their area of specialisation, and to shape the programme accordingly; and,
  • it is flexible – it can be presented in various formats: single modules, packaged modules, or as a complete course.

Growing Foxes provides facilitators with the tools and support to unlock strategic thinking in their students, but without dictating the content. It thereby provides innovative techniques whilst respecting the skills and expertise of the facilitator.

In Growing Foxes, students are the key generators of content.

Growing Foxes believes that among young people are the future drivers of change. These drivers of change think differently; they are the outliers that forge the future new normals. This course is aimed at those who want to think this way. They bristle with an entrepreneurial mindset, recognise that the world is changing, and want to seize opportunity in that change; they have an inner creativity they wish to unlock and action, possibly with a commercial endpoint; they have leadership potential; they recognise that they are different, and they want to be critical thinkers.

If you wish your school to be part of the revolution, or see an exciting opportunity to collaborate, contact either Mitch or Chantell (see contact details at the bottom of the page – copy and paste the email address).